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Save Money and the Environment with ClimateSaver

ClimateSaver is among the leading PC Power Management solutions available, providing cost savings and environmental improvements in your organization. Believe it or not, with ClimateSaver your organization can additionally achieve extra productivity from your staff.

ClimateSaver has a payback period of as little as 3 months. After that, you can see your saving every time you receive your electricity bill and rejoice that your IT environment has become a little greener!

You can achieve these benefits:

  • Reduce power consumption by as much as 15 Euros per year per computer
  • Reduce CO2 emissions from your computers with up to 35 kg annually
  • Get more efficient use of your employees' working hours - up to 20 hours of additional productivity per year
  • Give your green profile an extra boost, and send a positive signal to your surroundings

This is how it's achieved:

  • Inactive PCs are automatically put on standby, hibernate or shut down - depending on a centrally configured power saving scheme
  • PCs can be awakened from power saving mode when you want it
  • Through the central console you can configure different forms for different users / groups
  • Web-based reporting provides detailed overview of your savings

How it works

ClimateSaver is a unique solution that handles automatic shutdown of your users' computers during idle times. In the same way ClimateSaver offers automatical start up, based on a schedule which is defined centrally in your organization. This means that users do not need to worry about closing down their computers after working hours. It also means that users can show up at work for a computer that has already been started. For your organization, ClimateSaver means a significant reduction in energy consumption plus extended opportunities to perform maintenance outside normal working hours.

The solution is managed overall by your IT department, where one or more power schedules can be defined to match your employees' workday. You decide exactly in what periods of time PCs to go into standby, hibernatation or shutdown. You can also configure ClimateSaver to wake up the PCs at a certain time, for example in order to have them started up in the morning or for system maintenance windows.

Before ClimateSaver makes a power saving action, it makes sure to store all open user files - even if the user has not specified a location for them. Users can request ClimateSaver to delay power saving actions during a period, plus you can centrally disable any power saving action if certain processes are active, for example when showing presentations or movies.

About ClimateSaver

The solution consists of a central management console and a small agent (software installed on the PCs you want to be included in the solution).

ClimateSaver serves as an extended screen saver service. Well before a power-saving action occurs, the user receives a warning. The user need then simply move the mouse or press a button to avoid the power-saving action. Users also have the option to delay power-saving actions for a limited period of time as defined in the management console.


  • Sygehus Lillebælt (Region Syddanmark)
  • Mariagerfjord Kommunes folkeskoler
  • Hedensted Kommunes folkeskoler
  • Silkeborg Kommunes folkeskoler

"ClimateSaver is much more than just shutting down computers. For example, we use ClimateSaver to wake up the PCs in the morning so that our staff should not wait for the PCs to boot up, when they arrive at work."

Henrik Uldall Kristensen, IT Manager, Sygehus Lillebælt (health care)

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